Company Description

"APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive is a Delhi-based third-party logistics specialist serving the automotive sector in India. Incorporated in 2012, the company is a joint venture of two of the most respected brands in international supply chain management and automotive logistics: APL Logistics and VASCOR.

In 2011, the company began studying the automotive logistics market in India. Intensive discussions with OEMs, key stakeholders, the Indian Railway and transporters, helped him up essentials of a rail-based mode of transportation. Combining our expertise and experience of finished vehicle logistics in India and the US, the service offering was tailored to not only meet, but surpass the industry's expectations. Research led us into the realm of designing rail cars and rail car interiors, and ultimately included the design of a car loading ramp suitable for Indian conditions.

In October 2013, APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive became the first 3PL to be licensed to operate automotive trains by the Indian Railways. The services provide a blend of US standards and systems with an understanding of Indian ground realities.

After extensive interactions with OEMs and Wagon Manufacturers, APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive started operation in September 2014 with one rake and became the first rail-based service provider for Automotive OEMs in India for the domestic transportation of finished vehicles. The initiative gained momentum when two more rakes added in 2015 and another three in 2016 enabling regular scheduled weekly services between Chennai-Delhi-Chennai on one hand and Chennai - North East-Chennai on the other.

At APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive, we strive to always go beyond simply meeting stated goals by delivering value added services. Below are the most recent awards we’ve received from customers that reflect our success in fulfilling that objective:

  • February 2015, Indian Chamber of Commerce awarded APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive with the "Most Promising Start-up" Award.
  • September 2016, Express logistics & Supply chain Conclave awarded APL Logistics Vascor Automotive with Best 3PL Transportation Company of the year in automotive sector.
  • September 2016, Container Corporation of India awarded APL Logistics Vascor automotive as their 2nd best domestic sector customer for incremental loading.